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Ive built the all the views (html, css, jquery) for a web app and now im starting work on the back end, using Laravel / Mysql.

I recently came across scaffolding in Laravel, similar to Ruby on Rails, which is great, but the forms ive built for my views all contain special classes and markup is there a way to specify the classes and other markup to be applied to form when using scaffolding ?

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If I got you correctly, you can set an extra variable on controller, or check URI or route on views, and specify extra classes by looking to the view.

E.g: In the controller, you can do something like this:

return View::make('views.myview')->with('type','form');

And in the view, you can use simple if clause(s):

    <div class="{{$type}}">
    <div class="default">

For adding extra markup and assets to views, I use teeplus/asset, which is ported from Laravel 3 to 4 (old habits die hard :)).

packagist URL


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