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I have a table and a Column Chart displayed on web page using google chart. All information are right. But I cannot select any column in column chart or row in the table.

I have all other charts on this web page created right, and all of them have selection event.

I did not add selection event to these two charts. But by default, when I click on a row in the table, it will be highlighted. However, in these two charts, nothing happened.

Any idea? These two charts are generated by calling a success function in JQuery ajax function.

chart_selection is triggered by a selection event. a_chart, chart_data, detail_table, detail_data,detail_chart are global. Detail_chart and detail_table are drawn correctly. But when I click on a column or a row, there is no highlighting. there is also no highlighting on mouse over.

    function chart_selection(){
      var selection=a_chart.getSelection();
      var index=chart_data.getValue(selection[0].row,0);
        url:"html here....",
       data: {send some data here....,csrfmiddlewaretoken:$("input[name=csrfmiddlewaretoken]").val()},
       success: function(response){
        error: function(xhr,status,error){alert("xhr status: "+xhr.status)},
      return false;

    function draw_detail(response){
      detail_table=new google.visualization.Table(document.getElementById('detail_table'));
      detail_data=new google.visualization.DataTable(response);
      detail_chart=new google.visualization.ColumnChart(document.getElementById('detail_chart'));
      var detail_view=new google.visualization.DataView(detail_data);
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Please show some code about what you have done so we can help you –  SztupY Aug 20 '13 at 23:06
I don't see anything in that code that would prevent the selections from working. I suspect your problem is in the HTML. Use a DOM inspector to see if anything is being layered on top of your chart and table; in particular the container div of another chart. The Visualization API cancels click event propagation on the container divs, so if one is layered over another, the clicks don't pass through. –  asgallant Aug 21 '13 at 2:33
asgallant, you are right. the bug is in my div.... –  codenewbie Aug 22 '13 at 17:12

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