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I'm trying to use cake pattern and mocking. After reading bunch of blog-posts with tons of fashionable terms I can't make it working :(

I'm using Spray and have following http service

trait ApiServiceAbstract extends HttpService with SprayJsonSupport {
  this : AppProvider =>
// tons of routes here

where AppProvider is

trait AppProvider {
  val api : ApiManager

For real server I combine it like this

class ApiServiceActor extends Actor with ApiServiceAbstract with RealApiManager {

where RealApiManager extends AppProvider.

Also ApiManager must be mixed in with DbProvider which looks like this

trait ApiManager {
  this : DbProvider =>

trait RealDbProvider extends DbProvider {
  override lazy val dbManager = new DBManager

In my unit-test I only want to test http portion and have mocked ApiManager which simply checks that object passed by the client is correct one.

I cannot do this

override lazy val api = mock[ApiManager]

because ApiManager has to be mixed in with DbProvider. How can I fix this ? I see two options right now:

  • Switch to mocking library that can instantiate classes with constructors with parameters (e.g. Mockito)
  • Add init(db : DBManager) method and have var in ApiManager which is ugly
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I'm not sure of my answer because you don't provide all the source code (ApiManager...)

You could create an intermediary trait.

trait ApiManagerDefaultMixin extends ApiManager with DbProvider

and then

val apiManager = new ApiManagerDefaultMixin { 
    override lazy val api = mock[ApiManager]
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Ah yes, you're right! – ruslan Aug 21 '13 at 16:26

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