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I am working with Commerce Kickstart 2.0. I have created 9 content types and when I went to add the variations for each "product type" I noticed that none of them were showing up. My content types had a large amount of fields in them so I cloned each one of them from the previous created content type, and I think this may be what caused the issue. Is there a way for me to manually point each content type to another variation type or do I have to create all new content types from scratch?

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I'm a bit of a newb to Commerce kickstart but I'm pretty sure that for the built in plumbing to work as expected, you need to begin adding a new product by starting with a new product variation type (a bit counter-inuitive). This should create a product and product view automatically. You can then assign attributes common to all variations to the 'Product' and those unique to the variations to the 'Product variation'.

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