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The Problem

When I run python runserver I get the error ImportError: cannot import name AdminMediaHandler.


(venv)agconti@agconti-Inspiron-5520:~/my_dev/github/stamped/stamped_project$ python runserver
ImportError: cannot import name AdminMediaHandler

This just started to happen after I installed the django-werkzeug-debugger-runserver.

Im using virtualenv. Here is what I have installed:


I'm not sure what could be causing the conflict. Any ideas?

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Seems like django-werkzeug-debugger-runserver==0.1.2 is not compatible with Django1.5+, which I suspect you are using.

Try uninstalling it and remove it from requirements.txt. And use django-extensions instead, which you already have installed.

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dan you've been a life saver tonight. thanks! – agconti Aug 20 '13 at 23:50

I had a problem like this. Then I forgot to activate virtualenv. Did you activate?

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Yup. You can see (venv) is in my terminal readout – agconti Aug 20 '13 at 23:30

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