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Do Node.js binaries exist for the ARMv7 hard float instruction set? This is a popular platform due to Raspberry Pi, but I'm using an extremely stripped down version of embedded linux running on a hardware evaluation board. Native compilation is not possible due to Node's Python dependencies during compilation. Some possibly helpful information is as follows:

Processor: i.MX537

Evaluation board:

Another interesting problem/challenge is the embedded linux that comes as a base support package for the hardware doesn't have a typical package manager. It uses opkg, and I'm unable to leverage any of the Raspberry Pi or Arch Linux packages.

I'm interested in node binaries because I'm trying to fast-track an application demo and our hardware design will require a kernel rebuild anyhow, so I don't want to spend lots of time setting up cross-compilation toolchains if any stable binaries exist.

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You could try cross-compiling, like as described here: Caveat Emptor... – Joe Aug 20 '13 at 23:38
there is an arm-pi binary here – vinayr Aug 21 '13 at 4:04

While I've not seen raw binaries for Node (I've used Nodesource's packages before), io.js provides binaries for armv7. Direct link to the io.js 1.4.3 armv7 release.

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