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As I don't want id values from a select with createQuery, but the select command doesn't allow omitting id (primary key) from the actual query (using "partial") I need to remove the id's from the result from getArrayResult()

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I made this small recursive key remover static class:

class arrayTool
public static function cleanup($array, $deleteKeys)
    foreach($array as $key => $value )
        if(is_array( $value))
            $array[$key] = self::cleanup($array[$key], $deleteKeys);
        } else {
            if (in_array($key, $deleteKeys)) unset($array[$key]);
    return $array;

Which is called by an array containing one or more keys to be removed from the result, of any array depth:

$array = arrayTool::cleanup($array, array('id', 'id2'));
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