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We have ASP.Net 2.0 web application which uses localized resources using App_LocalResources and App_GlobalResources. The web application is built using MSBuild and after deployment to server seems to only have projectname.resources.dll files created under appropriate culture folder and doesn't copy above mentioned folders to the deployed location.

With that all the pages work fine and displays the text per current culture, but few of the user controls fail to load. Based on some search I found that "<%$ Resources: ..." syntax on the .ascx or .aspx files will only read the content from the .resx file physically placed in App_LocalResources and App_GlobalResources folders and won't work with satellite assembly. I am using the same syntax on all the controls which are not getting loaded. Other pages work fine. Also I am getting "System.HttpParseException" for resources not being found which are referenced using above syntax only. After copying the .resx files all the pages are working fine.

Is there any documentation which explains this well?

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