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Why version of SBT is playing role in name of fully qualified dependency ?

I thought it only depends on version of Scala.

Here is example.

  • build.sbt has scalaVersion set to 2.10.2
  • has sbt.version set to 0.12.1
  • plugins.sbt has plugin dependency "com.github.siasia" %% "xsbt-web-plugin" % "0.12.0-"

If I build it I see following in the log:

[info] Resolving com.github.siasia#xsbt-web-plugin_2.9.2;0.12.0- ...

But if I change sbt.version set to 0.13.0-RC5 SBT fails to find this plugin and says in the log

[info] Resolving com.github.siasia#xsbt-web-plugin_2.10;0.12.0- ...

Why did it change scala version if it remains 2.10.2 in my config ? How to fix it ?

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sbt projects are recursive, so each layer has its own settings(including scala version and classpath) (see )

sbt plugins are just regular libraries which depend on sbt, hence the plugins need to be cross-built across sbt versions (and each sbt version may require different scala version)

addSbtPlugin function takes care of that and resolves an appropriate artifact for current sbt and scala

siasia#xsbt-web-plugin is not really maintained anymore and it does not have versions for sbt 0.13, use as a replacement

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