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i'm still in the learning curve with php

I'm trying to achieve this:

let's say i have an ul with dynamically generated li's. And these li's must be populated with data stored in a variable. For example:

$var[0] = 'first data';
$var[1] = 'second data';
$var[2] = 'third data';


<li>first data</li>
<li>second data</li>
<li>third data</li>

I know i must put something like this:

<?php do { ?>
<li><?php echo $var ?></li>
<?php } while (condition); ?>

But, i didn't figure which is the correct condition syntax, and how to create the variable which puts the differents items into the li's (the $var item into the li).

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You want to use the PHP foreach control structure to iterate through your array.

$var[0] = 'first data';
$var[1] = 'second data';
$var[2] = 'third data';

foreach ($var as $e) {
    echo "<li>{$e}</li>\n";
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Ok, i'll try that, it looks way more simpler than my approach! thanks a lot –  Javi Aug 21 '13 at 2:45
It worked just as i wanted to. thanks a lot @Carl –  Javi Aug 21 '13 at 2:51

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