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I am a blogger user and I have seen a lot of useful gadgets in the Blogger gadget directory to integrate with my blog. Not too long ago I decided to write my own gadgets to integrate them with my blog.

Throughout the Google Gadgets API docs I find everywhere links to www.google.com/ig/submit to submit gadgets, however, that link takes me to a blog saying igoogle is shutting down on November 2013. I could not find any other link for submitting gadgets to Google.

I understand that after Novermber 2013 gadgets will not longer be accepted for integration with igoogle, but does it mean the same when it comes to Blogger ?

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Have you tried the submit link at the bottom of Gadgets for Blogger page in Google Developers site?

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That link I had not tried. It works! They should update the docs to point to that link. –  user2070775 Aug 24 '13 at 14:15

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