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In MVC mini profiler, how can I extract the step timings for my own use? eg not just showing them in the little box to the top left, eg given that I have steps

using (var step = MiniProfiler.Current.Step("Foo"))

using (var step = MiniProfiler.Current.Step("Bar"))

decimal fooTiming = what goes here?
decimal barTiming = what goes here?

How can I extract and read the timings of the above steps so that I can then do anything I want to with those numbers?

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If you just want to see an individual step's information, then you can do this:

    StackExchange.Profiling.Timing step;
    using (step = (StackExchange.Profiling.Timing)MiniProfiler.Current.Step("Test Step"))
        @step.Name took @step.DurationMilliseconds ms 

The sample should output something like this:

Test Step took 1000.9 ms

The .Step() method just returns a Timing object that records its duration when it's disposed - although a bit hacky, the Timing object's properties are still accessible.

If you want more information, you can always traverse the MiniProfiler.Root and its Children, although I've never done it while the profiler is running (i.e. .Stop() has not been called).

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