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create or replace trigger beforeInsert
instead of insert on Friends
for each row

dbms_output.put_line('This operation is prohibited');
end beforeInsert;

I am trying to create a trigger that would show a message 'This operation is prohibited' instead of inserting into table , but get a compilation error. Oracle IDE requires me to specify either before of after. What is wrong? I know that instead of is used for views, but how can I prohibit an insert to a table using a trigger?

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Do you want to raise an exception? It doesn't make sense to do something like call dbms_output.put_line in a trigger where you have no way of knowing whether the caller even allocated a buffer to write the output to or whether the caller will display your message. It doesn't make sense to allow an INSERT statement to do appear to succeed to the calling application but not actually do anything. –  Justin Cave Aug 21 '13 at 4:00

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INSTEAD OF triggers can only be created on Views.

For a table, you can create BEFORE or AFTER triggers. In fact, you can create four different types of triggers on tables, depending on your requirements:


As for your requirement, if you want to prohibit inserting into a table, don't use a trigger. Revoke the INSERT privilege from the user instead.

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