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<div visible="false" runat="server"><a href='<%#string.Format("{0}removeAllItems=true", this.Page)%>' onclick="return confirm('Are you sure you want to remove all items?')">Remove all items</a></div>

when I run this, it doesn't show the querystring portion, just the page.aspx. I don't see why the rest of that string after {0} is being cut off.

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the only one that seems to work is <a href='<%=this.Page %>?removeAllItems=true")%>' but then again I guess this.Page is not waht I want anyway as it's giving me ASP.pagename_aspx as the string – MSSucks Dec 2 '09 at 19:09

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The problem with the question mark probably has something to do with using data binding (<%#...%>) instead of simple output (<%=...%>).

String.Format is overkill, as you only want to concatenate two strings:

<a href='<%=String.Concat(this.Page, ".aspx?removeItems=true")%>' >text</a>

Or simply putting the second string in the markup:

<a href='<%=this.Page%>.aspx?removeItems=true' >text</a>
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I don't need the .aspx as we've found. Yea, don't need the string.Format but I still want to know why this does not work regardless of not needing it. – MSSucks Dec 2 '09 at 19:03
How is string.format overkill, in what way? If you are talking memory fine otherwise it's really what your taste is on readability – MSSucks Dec 2 '09 at 19:03
nothing is working even hardcoding something in – MSSucks Dec 2 '09 at 19:04
I added a note about data binding above... – Guffa Dec 2 '09 at 19:05
ok it was the # vs. =. this.Page also isn't giving me what I want anyway but at least I have solved the issue. – MSSucks Dec 2 '09 at 19:10

Your string concatenation is unnecessary; have you tried this?

<a href='<%#string.Format("{0}.aspx?removeItems=true", this.Page)%>' >text</a>
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yes, actually tried this right after posting. It still ignores the ? text after {0} – MSSucks Dec 2 '09 at 18:54

Since it's ignoring the ?, try this:

<a href='<%#string.Format("{0}.aspx{1}removeItems=true", this.Page, "?")%>' >text</a>

The inline tag <%# is used for databinding, yet this.
Page isn't a databound property. Switch that out to <%=, which is equivalent to Response.Write & see if that works.

It's hackish, but sometimes that's what it takes in

E.g. if you're using StringBuilder to create a javascript string at runtime and you try StringBuilder.AppendFormat, you can't have any other braces besides the Format braces. you can overcome that problem in a similar fashion to my answer using one string.format method and injecting "{" and "}".

The "?" issue may be a problem of codepage error handling withing databinding tags. For more information on this, see:

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weird, I shouldn't have to do that though. I'd want to know why it's ignoring ANY part after the {0}. To me this would be a hack...sorry just being honest. I really want to figure out wtf is going on and so far no luck on my side, this is a pain. – MSSucks Dec 2 '09 at 18:59
I've edited my answer with a possible explanation as to why you're experience problems with the "?". – Jim Schubert Dec 2 '09 at 20:08
ah, I didn't reload the page since your question was answered. sorry. – Jim Schubert Dec 2 '09 at 20:10

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