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I am trying to store the following html string as well as the image referenced in the string in the data base.

<p> Text before the image</p> <p> <img alt="" src="axe.png" 200px; height: 163px;" /></p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> Text after image</p> 

I am using Codeigniter's Upload library. Accordingly, I config the "upload_path" correctly on the server side. I pass in the name of the image file as one of the fields in the AJAX call ('img_fname') to the server.

But when I call


it says "no file to upload". I am definitely missing the forest for the trees! Please help!


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CI do_upload() function try to upload file from $_FILES[] array. You get this error because you $_FILES[] array is empty. –  joni jones Aug 21 '13 at 6:28

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  1. your upload form shoud include enctype="multipart/form-data"
  2. your file input field should named img_fname
  3. <img alt="" src="axe.png" 200px; height: 163px;" /> should be <img alt="" src="axe.png" style="200px; height: 163px;" />
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Thanks! And sorry for the slow acceptance. My time was hijacked by another project. Thanks again. –  user1072910 Sep 4 '13 at 23:58

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