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At work I'm currently stuck in 3.5, but we are using the asyncbridge for async-await. We're using alot of old WCF async calls, and I want to wrap this into the new async-await pattern.

I'm wrapping this as follows:

    // async is wrong
    public /*async*/ Task<ScannedDocumentResult> GetScannedDocumentsTask(String assignmentId)
        TaskCompletionSource<ScannedDocumentResult> tcs = new TaskCompletionSource<ScannedDocumentResult>();
        EventHandler<GetScannedDocumentsCompletedEventArgs> handler = null;
        handler = (o, e) =>
                if (e.UserState != tcs)

                if (e.Error != null)
                else if (e.Cancelled)

                GetScannedDocumentsCompleted -= handler;
        GetScannedDocumentsCompleted += handler;
        GetScannedDocumentsAsync(assignmentId, tcs);

        return tcs.Task;            

The following are genereted in the 3.5 WCF proxy:

GetScannedDocumentsAsync GetScannedDocumentsCompleted GetScannedDocumentsEventArgs

Something tells me that this can be done alot cleaner, have I missed something cruical?

Also, will this method execute async at all? Compiling with the async operator just generates an error.

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Does GetScannedDocumentsAsync return IAsyncResult? If so, this excellent blog post describes how to do it right. –  Noseratio Aug 21 '13 at 7:22
async is only allowed on methods that have await inside them. What is the definition of GetScannedDocumentsAsync? –  Toni Petrina Aug 21 '13 at 7:24
If you think async is required for a method to actually execute asynchronously, then you don't actually understand what async means. You should probably read more about it. –  svick Aug 21 '13 at 11:48

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You should also be getting a BeginGetScannedDocuments and EndGetScannedDocuments, which you can wrap using TaskFactory.FromAsync. I have a blog post that shows how to use task wrappers with old-school (pre-4.5) WCF (both on the server and client).

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With some help from Skeet I figured this out in another thread, which simplified things a lot + allowed me to use as many parameters as I want. Marked you as an answer as well though :) –  Stígandr Mar 5 '14 at 7:00

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