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I am converting class files for applet into a jar. The folder is e.g CAR, with individual modules placed into folders like tyres, windows etc inside it. There are also dependencies between some modules.

e.g. CAR / tyres
        / windows
        / utils
        / applet

The classes are accessed from the applet inside HTML page. We have a main page for CAR.html which can accessed all modules, and individual webpage, tyres.html, windows.html.

I don't have a problem with jarring CAR into CAR.jar but when I tried to jar tyres.jar, windows.jar into separate jars, the applet would not load. The classes package is something like CAR.tyres.xxx so I am not sure if I could jar the individual modules this way.

And do I need to jar CAR.jar after I jar the individual jars? I read that I need to list the dependencies inside the manifest but as the codes existed for sometime, it is a lot of work to do it manually. I am currently using intellj as IDE.

I would like to ask, is it better to jar CAR as CAR.jar or the modules inside it as individual jars?

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Inside a jar, the classes have to be in directories corresponding to their packages, so a class CAR.tyres (which really, really should be renamed car.Tyres) has to be inside a directory named CAR. You can make separate jars for your individual classes, but you'll still need the directories inside them. However, it's generally better to package related classes in a jar when they make sense as a unit; in this case, the parts of the car might go in their own jar, but you should probably group Tyres and Windows (along with the whole Car object) into car.jar.

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Lol yes, the CAR, tyres were just for illustrative purposes..but thanks anyway :) – hothj Aug 21 '13 at 8:21
But I would like to ask, if I make separate jars (with the same directories) using just java jarsigner, is it correct? Because I have problem loading the applet with individual jars :( – hothj Aug 21 '13 at 8:26
There's nothing that says you can't do it that way, though you have to make sure that the extra jars get loaded. See stackoverflow.com/questions/8310067/… – chrylis Aug 21 '13 at 8:34

The names and number of jars don't matter, as long as the needed classes can be found in the classpath.

But for the class com.foo.bar.Test to be found in one of the jars in the classpath, the Test.class file inside the jar must be under /com/foo/bar: the structure of the folders inside the jars must match exactly with the structure of the packages.

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Yes, the structure of the folders remained untouched except that it is now .jar instead of folders. But I did not jar CAR folder and only jar the folders inside it. – hothj Aug 21 '13 at 8:20

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