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I have selection to chose categories for board.

<%= simple_form_for @board do |f|%>
  <%= f.input :name %>
  <%= f.input :description %>
  <% unless @board.root? %>
    <%= f.input :parent_id, collection: formated_collection(@board), include_blank: false %>
  <% end %>
  <%= f.button :submit %>
<% end %> 

Helper method:

  def formated_collection(board)
    if board.new_record? 
      out = board.root.subtree
      out = board.root.subtree - board.subtree

    out.map {|b| b.name = "#{"&nbsp;"*b.depth}#{b.name}";b}

In the form I have selection list, it should look like this:

Root Name

Instead of it I get :

Root Name

Any idea why it doesnt change this into non-breaking space?

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I fix it, but this html_safe makes me confused all the time :(.

In helper:

out.map {|b| b.name = "#{"&nbsp;"*b.depth}#{b.name}";b}

Should be:

out.map {|b| b.name = "#{"&nbsp;"*b.depth}#{b.name}".html_safe;b}
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If you don't use html_safe, rails will assume that the string should be displayed as text as is, i.e. don't interpret any of the string as html. – Slicedpan Aug 21 '13 at 8:43

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