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Problem background: Chinese words consists of characters which are words themselves. I have 3 nodes representing Chinese words each with the attribute word having the string-values: node (1): "a" node (2): "b" node (3): "ab"

Question 1: Using Cypher starting from node (3), how can I find the nodes (1) and (2) which constitute the string of node (3)?

Question 2: If there would be a further node (4): "dabc", how would I find all words of length one that are not part of the graph ("d" and "c" have no nodes)?

I know that I could model the relationships between these nodes explicitly, but I'm wondering whether Cypher is expressive enough to take this burden off my shoulders here.

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Please create a sample graph at and use the share button to generate a link to your setup. – Stefan Armbruster Aug 21 '13 at 9:05

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In general all you've got with the graph database is nodes and relationships, and cypher is good for navigating through relationships to find related nodes. So I would suggest trying some sample models and seeing what seems to suit your purposes best. I would not shy away from creating relationships.

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