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I've got an ASP.Net Website project that has several Web References (referencing ASP.Net Web Services); e.g. http://localhost/MyWebService.asmx referenced as MyWebService and the namespace is also MyWebService

Visual Studio Intellisense recognizes the reference and the application compiles and runs successfully; however, Resharper keeps complaining "Cannot resolve symbol 'MyWebService'" when I use the service in my code; e.g.

MyWebService.MyWebService service = new MyWebService.MyWebService();

Is this an issue in Resharper or is there something else I should set in Resharper to make it work with Web References?

P.S. I'm using Resharper 7 with the latest updates. P.S. There is another question in StackOverflow; however, it's about an old version of Resharper... I hope it was fixed somehow

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