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I'm using Clojure 1.5.1. Here is my program:

(def bricks4
  (memoize (fn [n]
             (cond (> 0 n) 0
                   (= 0 n) 1
                   (= 1 n) 1
                   :else (+ (bricks4 (- n 1))
                            (bricks4 (- n 2))
                            (bricks4 (- n 3))
                            (bricks4 (- n 4)))))))

(bricks4 70) throws exception:

ArithmeticException integer overflow  clojure.lang.Numbers.throwIntOverflow ( 

I'm confused, because I thought Clojure will automatically promote numbers from Integer to Long and then to BigDemical.

What should I do to fix this program?

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Clojure hasn't auto-promoted to bigint since 1.2, which is like...three years ago? These days the default is for better performance, but you can get the auto-promoting behavior by using +' instead of +, *' instead of *, and so on.

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