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There are some things that I didn't find how to do using geckofx:

  1. Get the URL of a clicked link.

  2. Display print preview window.

Does this functionality exist in geckofx? If not, what's the best way to achieve it in a C# project that uses GeckoWebBrowser to display html pages?


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To get url of clicked link you can use:

    void domClicked(object sender, GeckoDomMouseEventArgs e)
      MessageBox.Show(geckoWebBrowser1.StatusText);//forward status text string somewhere

To show print dialog box you can use:

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OnNaviagted event should give you the link, and look for the print interfaces nsIPrintingPromptService::ShowPrintDialog in Geckofx.

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That will give you the url at any point I believe where geckoWebBrowser is the name of the control, however as pointed out you'll be able to get it from the document completed and navigated events using e.url .

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For printing, see this forum thread. Make sure to read it all before starting. Essentially you'll have to patch and recompile GeckoFX.

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