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is it a bug in outlook?

i've created a local Contact list card, and i gave him in the address field an exchange user address. (double click on that address, see that its exchange).

when i try to get the address using MAPI - i can't, the problem is this, when i check the AddressEntry object, i get the following:

  • Type = "EX"
  • Address = "/o=.../ou=Exchange..."/cn=Recipients/cn=Name
  • Class = olAddressEntry
  • AddressEntryUserType = olOutlookContactAddressEntry

when i checked in OutlookSpy - no MAPI properties, so i can't get PR_SMTP_ADDRESS nor PR_EMS_AB_PROXY_ADDRESSES, also, this is not SMTP so i have no valid address.

i checked other users and those are the properties (which it works):

Real exchange user recipient, same email address as the exchange one, but it was created without autocorrect to the exchange user, so it stays smtp:

  • Type = "SMTP"
  • Address = ""
  • Class = olAddressEntry
  • AddressEntryUserType = olExchangeUserAddressEntry

Regular address entry

  • Type = "EX"
  • Address = "/o=.../ou=Exchange..."/cn=Recipients/cn=Name
  • Class = olAddressEntry
  • AddressEntryUserType = olOutlookContactAddressEntry

if i double click on the "exchange" local contact, it opens exchange window of its properties, if i open the "regular one i created manually", it opens the "SMTP" address window.

any workaround i can do?


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If you have an EX type contact, use the value of the ContactItem.Email1EntryId property to call Namespace,GetAddressEntryFromId, then read the AddressEntry.GetExchangeUser.PrimarySmtpAddress property.

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