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I am new on titanium and iPhone development, i want to know how to store value of variable in share preference and get that value on another js?

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Simple example demonstrating use of Titanium App Properties module

I am setting a Boolean value for service_running in service.js and validating in app.js


var isRunning = Ti.App.Properties.getBool("service_running", false);

if (isRunning) 
    Ti.API.info('service is running');
    Ti.API.info('service is not running');

In service.js

Ti.App.Properties.setBool("service_running", true);
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The App Properties module is used for storing application-related data in property/value pairs that persist beyond application sessions and device power cycles.


Store a property
Store a string property.

Ti.App.Properties.setString('givenName', 'Paul');
Ti.API.info('The value of the givenName property is: ' + Ti.App.Properties.getString('givenName'));


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