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I have a table with 2 td tags.Inside first is a gridview and in a second td are details about selected item from the gridview.I use Devexpress.How to make that every td has its own scrollbar?

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Put a div inside each td. Have them have fixed sizes and add the appropriate overflow styles. As for Devexpress, frankly, I don't know about it but I guess it will let you hack the html markup, right? – The Marlboro Man Aug 21 '13 at 10:12
I have already added the divs.How do you mean fix size? – user2588120 Aug 21 '13 at 10:17
See answer below. – The Marlboro Man Aug 21 '13 at 10:19
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Try hacking your HTML like this:

    <div style="width: 200px; height: 200px; overflow-y: scroll"></div>

Or better, in your css:

div.scrolling_div {width: 200px; height: 200px; overflow-y: scroll;}

And then, in your html markup...

    <div class="scrolling_div"></div>
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Thank you!It works. – user2588120 Aug 21 '13 at 11:00
No prob. My pleasure. – The Marlboro Man Aug 21 '13 at 11:02
Oh,and how to make grid and details resizeable when browser windows is resizing? – user2588120 Aug 21 '13 at 11:41
That could end in rapid death, but check this:… . Alternative: instead of using fixed sizes in px use them in percentages, like width: 40%. – The Marlboro Man Aug 21 '13 at 11:44

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