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I am a Salesforce Developer and want to integrate Salesforce with HP TRIM. I am new to HP TRIM. Can someone please suggest what steps should I follow in order to integrate both systems.

  1. Does HP TRIM provide API/ WSDL that I can consume in Salesforce ?
  2. Do I have to use Java or C# to integrate OR I can do it using APEX(Salesforce) only.


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I'm not familiar with Salesforce, but I've done a lot of dev with TRIM.

There is both a .NET API and a SOAP web service. The .NET API is much easier to work with, but using it will depend on how well Salesforce interops with .NET.

I prefer to write my own web services that use the .NET API, and have everything consume that. Because TRIM is so configuration heavy it makes sense to simplify it with some nice domain specific abstractions.

Documentation is scarce, and is only available in the HP TRIM software package, but once you get up and running it's fairly straight forward.

The HP TRIM product page has a trial you can download.

Good luck!

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Thanks @Troy. As per your suggestion, downloaded a trial version of TRIM. I'm in process of getting familiar with TRIM. When I open TRIM and select a dataset, it gives me an error like "Your licensing information could not be read". First I want to evaluate TRIM for its features but I could not find a way to get the evaluation license. Tried contacting HP support several times. Working on it. Cheers. – Vaibhav Warpe Sep 8 '13 at 1:14

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