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This is more of a coding practice question, I want to set variables within a javascript object / array from a html form.

I am currently doing this using the onkeyup and passing the value to a set function. e.g: (along the lines of )

 onclick="item.setVar('retouch', this.value); return false;"

 setVar: function(variable, value){
    this[variable] = parseInt(value);

is there a better way of doing this or is it down to personal preference.

Thanks all for your help :)

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"is there a better way of doing this": please define better. Better how? – Amy Aug 21 '13 at 15:31
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Personal preference if using vanilla Javascript, but why the function even?

onclick="item['retouch'] = parseInt(this.value); return false;"

Maybe you should look into a JS model binding library, like Knockout, Backbone or Angular?

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