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This is a follow up from my last question about binding objective-c library to xamarin project. So I figured that I will create the api definition my self, but I cannot figure out how to rewrite objective-c delegates to C# delegates/events. I've come to the understanding that objective-c delegates is not the same as C# delegates, but more like C# events.

This is the objective-c delegate definition (from the header file):

@protocol LineaDelegate



This is the objective-c class definition (from the header file):

@interface Linea : NSObject



The connect method works in background and will notify the caller of connection success via connectionState delegate.

Now, how do I bind the api correctly? This is my ApiDefinition.cs so far:

interface Linea{
     [Export ("isPresent")]
     bool IsPresent();

     //the delegate that will be notified of Linea events
     void AddDelegate (NSObject newDelegate);

     void Connect ();

How can I convert the objective-c delegate into something useful in Xamarin studio and C#?

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Now, the minute I post a question here I figure out the solution by my self... I post the solution here not only for my own reference, but also for others out there who will struggle with the same issue.

I found this tutorial (see chapter 4.3) and figured I had to use weak delegates. Working like a charm!

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You seem to be trying to bind the LineaSDK, luckily for you, a full binding is already available:

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Thank you so much! I've tried so to find something like this. – Karoline Brynildsen Aug 22 '13 at 11:48

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