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i am working with CruiseControl.net and i need to set a label with a specific format:

  • SomeText_Date_Revision

With the Default Labeller i can put some text and the date in the prefix and in addition i get the Build Number.

But what i need is a Number like the Revision Number in the Date Labeller. This Revision Number starts from 1 every day while the Build Number is an ongoing count which increases with every build.

So what i need is to get somehow a prefix to the Date Labeller or i need to get a number like the revision number in the Default Labeller.

Does anyone know how to achieve this?


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If the shipped labellers does not fit your needs you can simply write our one labeller with a few lines of code.

Ruben Willems has written some blog posts on how to implement your own labeller:

You can also take a look at the standard labellers that comes with ccnet here: CCNet Labellers source code

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Look at the related topic on stackoverflow, here are simpeler examples of custom labellers

How do I share a label value between multiple CC.NET builds?

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