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I have an arraylist of Pairs -

public static ArrayList<Pair<String, String>> fields;

From my controller, I render this list to view using

return ok(index.render(fields));

Now in index.scala.html , I have

@(fields : List[(String,String)])

But this gives me compilation error that types dont match.
Are pairs not supported in scala? Or should I use some other syntax to achieve this?

Is there a compatible type in Scala for Java Pair?

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Well it is due to type mismatch. It expects scala.collection.immutable.List[(String,String)] but instead you are passing java.util.List[(String,String)].

To solve it do:

import scala.collection.JavaConverters._
return ok(index.render(fields.asScala.toList));
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Your fields value is of type java.util.ArrayList, but the parameter expected by index.scala.html is a scala.collection.immutable.List - hence the type mismatch.

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When I pass an ArrayList<String> to view and receive it as List[String], then it works fine. I think the problem is with Pair. Is there a compatible type of Pair in scala? – user2694377 Aug 21 '13 at 11:32
@user2694377 Hmm, OK - where is the Pair type in your fields declaration coming from, then? There is a type class Pair defined in scala.Predef (which is automatically imported in Scala for you) that equates to Tuple2 - are you using this, or something else (maybe defined as a Java class/interface)? – Shadowlands Aug 21 '13 at 11:43

try below in index.scala.html:

@import java.util
@(fields : util.List[(String,String)])
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