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I use the FPDF library to export some document files as PDF. One document includes a list of strings which have a different length. I print all strings as $pdf->MultiCell(). Now I would like to have the current height of that MultiCell to have the same line spacing in case that they have just one line or more.

Code Example:

//MySQL Query
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($res) {
   $pdf->SetXY(18, $x);
   $pdf->MultiCell(80, 5, $rowr['text']); //text has one or more lines
   $x = $x + 10; // Here I would prefer a solution to say: $x = $x + 2 + height of the MultiCell()
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What exactly do you want to do? You say you need the height, but you are setting the x coordinate dynamically, would you want to get the width? If you want to get the height of the cell, call getY() before and after the MultiCell(). – Lex Aug 21 '13 at 11:36

I had the exact same problem; I use FPDF to generate invoices and there are four cells per row with first cell being a MultiCell with varying height (default height is 5, but if order name is too long it adds another line to a total height of 10, and so on). The problem is that the remaining 3 cells have fixed height.

After looking for solutions it seems the only way is to write a complex function or use some third party tool. Since I want my app to be as light as possible I used the following approach to solve it which in my opinion is way simpler than external plugin.

  1. Rows with details on the Invoice start at Y=95 so I use $Y=95; before my while loop
  2. My first cell (the MultiCell) is as follows:

  3. I use the FPDF's GetY() function to get current height and save it as H:

    $H = $pdf->GetY();

    If the MultiCell's height is 5 GetY() will give back 100, if the height is 10 GetY() gives back 105 and so on.

  4. I add new variable $height:

    $height= $H-$Y;

    Which as result gives me precisely the height of the MultiCell.

  5. I use $Y and $height to set current position and column height:

  6. Before finishing the while loop set give $Y the $H's value:


Entire loop looks as follows and works perfectly:

$Y= 95;

$query = mysqli_query($con,"SELECT * FROM table");

while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($query)) {

    $H = $pdf->GetY();
    $height= $H-$Y;



If you have 2 MultiCell columns or more in each row it gets tricky but still can be solved in a similar manner.

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