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I have used OA consumer class in my app and while trying to run it i got this error and i dint understand the problem. i have added -ObjC to other linker flags also. i have searched google but dint find any related to this. I have disabled the arc and do i need to add any linker flags or is there any other problem.This is my code

can you please tell me whether there is an error in code or do i have to change the linker settings

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These are linker errors -- it's finding the headers just fine, but the library is missing at link time. Make sure the OA library is in the Linked Frameworks and Libraries list for your target.

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Thanks. I solved the error by checking the target membership of the file in utilities->file inspector. –  BalaChandra Aug 22 '13 at 4:53

I removed this error after lots of trails, the problem in my case is the corefoundation framework is corrupted, it has shown a small question mark on it, after i carefully read the exception, it says that some files are missing from the corefoundation framework, then i removed the framework and copied a new one from another project then the errors gone.

Note: while you are removing any file, don't just remove references , move it to trash, other wise the Xcode may give you a error file already exist and cannot be copied.

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