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I have two versions of the same form, one with "username" field and one without, and I am choosing one of them in runtime based on configuration option. Please have a look here
I wish if I can write this instead:

val formWithUsername = formWithoutUsername ++ Form[FullRegistrationInfo](mapping(UserName -> nonEmptyText))

Is there something similar to this?

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I don't think you can, but try to make the UserName field mapping optional so it doesn't get in your way when you don't need it:

  UserName -> optional(nonEmptyText.verifying(Messages(UserNameAlreadyTaken), userName => {
    UserService.find(IdentityId(userName, providerId)).isEmpty

Since the case class corresponding field already is optional, there won't be any harm.

Still, the Password mapping isn't the same for the two forms. So you should keep them all, refactoring the similar parts.

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