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I have this plot. Now, I would like to change it such that each colour appears as an individual column of dots above each dose. Here is the code that I have been using:

    ggplot(mortality_mean[adj_dose>1e6,],aes(as.factor(adj_dose),as.factor(survival),colour=strain))+geom_jitter(size=3,position=position_dodge(width=0.9))+ylab("Survival")+xlab("Infectious Dose")+theme_bw()+scale_colour_manual(name="Morphotype",breaks=c("anc","cont","muc"),labels=c("Ancestral","Control","Mucoid"),values=c("#3399FF","#336633","#CC0000"))+scale_y_discrete(breaks=c(0,1),labels=c("Dead","Alive"))

I have tried to follow this example, but with no success. Any help would be great!

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Please consider posting sample data (see ?dput) and reproducible code. I bet you will quickly get some good answers. –  bdemarest Aug 21 '13 at 22:23
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