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I am trying get a custom google map API in a website, bu the problem is the map in not showing full, only a part of the map is show. enter image description here

Given below the code:

js code:


var map=null; 
    function initialize() {
        var mapOptions = {
            center: new google.maps.LatLng(24.3573, 54.4636),
            zoom: 14,
            mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP
        map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map-canvas'), mapOptions);

        var currCenter = map.getCenter();
        google.maps.event.trigger(map, 'resize');

        var markerOptions = {
            position: new google.maps.LatLng(24.3573, 54.4636),
            map: map
        var marker = new google.maps.Marker(markerOptions);

        var infoWindowOptions = {
            content: '<b>Compnay Name</b><br> Is Here!'
        var infoWindow = new google.maps.InfoWindow(infoWindowOptions);
        infoWindow.open(map, marker);

    google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, 'load', initialize);

html code:

<div class="container">
<h1>Location Map</h1>
 <div id="map-canvas"></div>

css code:

.container {width: 100%; height: 100%;}
.container #map-canvas {
width: 500px;
height: 250px;
margin: 0;
border: 1px solid rgb(225, 225, 225);}
.map h2{
font-size: 16px;
font-weight: bold;
padding: 20px 0 6px 0;}

Pls let me know what am i doing wrong?

I have heard that 'google.maps.event.trigger(map, 'resize');' usually does the trick, but in my code it does not seems to work, maybe I am not place in the right place.. pls help.

Thank you.

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try to put your google.maps.event.trigger(map, 'resize') behind your last action, you are doing with the map. Maybe after google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, 'load', initialize); –  Gary Klasen Aug 21 '13 at 15:02
Your code as posted works for me, live example –  geocodezip Aug 21 '13 at 16:28
Bipin, tell me your page url for us. We will check it. –  wf9a5m75 Aug 21 '13 at 16:55
The map works fine as standalone div, the one I have is in a hidden div (page slides when clicked on location map link) –  Bipin Aug 22 '13 at 6:44

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I haved the same problem when used tab jQuery plugin. I call initialize() function when document ready ($(document).ready(function() { initialize(); })). I try to call initialize() function when map tab is actived and problem gone away. It's just my experience. Good luck!


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