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Why does Visual studio take so long to delete a file from the solution tree? The app freezes and sits there for what feels like an eternity.

If I delete the file from the file system first, then delete it in the solution it happens instantly.

Is there an option I can set somewhere to avoid this?

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I've found that when there is a lot in my Recycle Bin (1000s of files), it takes longer to delete a file in Windows Explorer as well as Visual Studio.

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I've found that this is sometimes a symptom of project size. Deleting a file from a project with hundreds of files can take 30 seconds on my (admittedly slow) work computer. But deleting one of two files in a project is usually instant.

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it could be rebuilding/removing from the intellisense database or checking the rest of the project for validity once the file is deleted. Or it could just be that the new VSs are buggy.

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The thing is though, if I've already deleted it on disk, it happens instantly, so it must have some links to the file system. – mattcole Oct 10 '08 at 10:34
It worked for me too.. I had 3k items in the bin (which is not that much IMO) and now it's instant. Weird! – mrmuggles Oct 6 '09 at 18:45

Do you have a version control plugin with Visual Studio? It may be contacting a server to make sure you can check it out...

If not, where is the file located? Is it a local file or on the network? Sometimes if on the network, VS has to check if you have windows access to delete the file.

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I think that's probably the case even for a local file. If the network connection is fast enough to host a VS project from, this probably shouldn't be much of a problem. – TheSmurf Oct 8 '08 at 16:20

Do you have Resharper installed? Once I installed it, it definitely slowed down file operations on my machine. Worth the tradeoff, I think.

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It may be normal if your project size is very big. We are talking about a 50-200 projects solution.

If you have R# installed on your PC try to disable it or try to delete your project items with an empty recycle bin.

Altough I do not recommend it, you can try to delete all the *.opt and *.ncb files from all your project directories and bring Visual Studio up again.

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the post @ your last link has been updated - try deleting all your breakpoints. – Chloraphil Oct 30 '09 at 15:40

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