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I am following some code that was written by an old colleague of mine some time ago to try and set up a file upload process with WebAPI. In his code, the task that is created in the method signature is a task of type Task<MultipartMemoryStreamProvider> and in mine, it's of type Task<IEnumerable<HttpContent>>.

Because of this, Visual Studio 2010 is barking at me saying that task.Result.Contents won't work because task does not contain a definition for Result nor a definition for Contents. It also says the return value wont' work because it wants to return void and I'm trying to return a response object. Here is my method which is more or less and exact copy and paste from the sample I'm working with:

public Task<ImageResponseModel> Post()
            if (!Request.Content.IsMimeMultipartContent("form-data"))
                throw new NotSupportedException("Must be multi-part request");

            return Request.Content.ReadAsMultipartAsync().ContinueWith(task =>
                var model = new ImageModel();

                foreach (HttpContent content in task.Result.Contents)
                    if (content.Headers.ContentDisposition.Name == "\"UserName\"")
                        model.UserName = content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result.ToString();
                    else if (content.Headers.ContentDisposition.Name == "\"Caption\"")
                        model.Caption = content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result.ToString();
                    else if (content.Headers.ContentDisposition.Name == "\"Image\"")
                        model.Image = content.ReadAsByteArrayAsync().Result;

                return DoEntry(model);

        public ImageResponseModel DoEntry(ImageModel model)
            ImageResponseModel mod = new ImageResponseModel();

            return mod;

ImageResponseModel is also essentially just a copy and paste from the sample which only has two properties with get/set. ImageModel is also more or less just a copy and paste with three properties (two string properties and one byte[] property (for the actual file).

What am I doing wrong here? Why does VS see his as a different Task<> type than mine? How can I change mine to match his so that it will compile and work?


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I recreated my project in VS 2012 and it now works fine. I think I must've had some old libraries in my 2010 installation.

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