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Hi am new to database programming, am in a project where i need to write data to noSql database currently we choosed Cassandra as our DB.

But its not final i need to come up with a framework or library service where any of application request data from DB, this library should serve it. I choosed to use the "Hector" framework with that i can able to write to cassandra DB, but requirement is if tommorow we change database my library has to work with new database where we just store data as key-value pair.

Please help me to get solution to this problem.


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If you decided to go with Hector, it is recommended to use DataStax Java Driver.

It is built from the very beginning to take advantage of Cassandra's new CQL native protocol. I used Hector in the past and it is too much annoying to use and code in.

DataStax Java Driver: A new face for Cassandra

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Thanks Chiron for your reply. I have used the Hector for working with Cassandra, it looks ok.. Interface is not as good as Hbase. –  Sreedhar GS Jan 30 at 5:33
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