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I'm having trouble identifying some weird behavior while using fillAndValidate on a Form. Here is the simplest use case I could think of to isolate the issue:

object Application extends Controller {

  case class SimpleForm(val field: String)

  val form = Form(
      "field" -> text.verifying("message", (s: String) => false)

  def index = Action { implicit request =>
    println("bindFromRequest: " + form.bindFromRequest.errors)
    println("fillAndValidate: " + form.fillAndValidate(SimpleForm("value")).errors)


When requesting the index page with the query ?field=value, I'm getting the following on the console:

bindFromRequest: List(FormError(field,message,WrappedArray()))
fillAndValidate: List(FormError(field,message,WrappedArray()))

Which is, as far as I know, the expected behavior.

However, when using global errors, such as verifying the mapping directly:

val form = Form(
    "field" -> text
  .verifying("message", (s: SimpleForm) => false))

The behavior I get is quite surprising:

bindFromRequest: List(FormError(,message,WrappedArray()))
fillAndValidate: List()

Why is fillAndValidate ignoring the error? Is there a way to get around this issue?

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