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I have a JSF 1.1 application which has a file "links.properties" in src/main/resources:


Now, jboss 5.1 is not substituting ${provisioning.work.queue.link} with the value defined in the system properties on the server. In the same application, the substitution is successful in web.xml and jboss-web.xml. But in this links.properties, it is not happening. This almost seems like a classloading issue. My jboss-web.xml contains:

<class-loading java2ClassLoadingCompliance='true'>
            <loader-repository> jbia.loader:loader=opensso <loader-repository-config> java2ParentDelegaton=true </loader-repository-config>



Could this be interfering with the substitution? The system properties file is loaded from conf/props with in the server.

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