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I have the following query in native SQL:

SELECT psn.id, psn.lastName, psn.firstName, t.englishName, HAVERSINE(psn.lat, psn.lng, {$company['lat']}, {$company['lng']}) AS distance
FROM Personnel AS psn
INNER JOIN PsnTypes AS t ON psn.psnType_id = t.id
INNER JOIN PsnLanguages as pl ON pl.personnel_id = psn.id
INNER JOIN Languages as l ON pl.language_id = l.id
WHERE l.id = ?

Obviously, HAVERSINE is a pre-defined stored procedure. I've read through the Doctrine 2.0 documents, and I can't make head nor tail of them. I barely understand how ResultSetMapping works, but with a stored function I'm even more lost.

According to the docs, you have to create a ResultSetMapping object and things like Entity Results, Field Results, and JoinedEntityResults. Like I've said, I've tried reading the docs, but they're really hard to understand, and they say nothing about how to handle stored procedures like I'm using.

EDIT: OK, I've gotten a better handle on how to set up the ResultSetMapping object. Here's what I've got so far:

$rsm = new ResultSetMapping();
$rsm->addEntityResult('\Entities\Personnel', 'psn');
$rsm->addFieldResult('psn', 'id', 'id');
$rsm->addFieldResult('psn', 'firstName', 'firstName');
$rsm->addFieldResult('psn', 'lastName', 'lastName');
$rsm->addFieldResult('psn', 'lat', 'lat');
$rsm->addFieldResult('psn', 'lng', 'lng');
$rsm->addJoinedEntityResult('\Entities\PsnTypes', 't', 'psn', 'psnType');
$rsm->addFieldResult('t', 'englishName', 'englishName');
$rsm->addJoinedEntityResult('\Entities\PsnLanguages', 'pl', 'psn', 'psnLanguages');
$rsm->addJoinedEntityResult('\Entities\Languages', 'l', 'pl', 'language');

$sql = "SELECT psn.id, psn.firstName, psn.lastName, HAVERSINE(psn.lat, psn.lng, {$company['lat']}, {$company['lng']}) as distance, t.englishName
FROM Personnel psn
    JOIN PsnTypes t ON psn.psnType_id = t.id
    JOIN PsnLanguages pl ON psn.id = pl.personnel_id
    JOIN Languages l ON pl.language_id = l.id
    WHERE l.id = ?";

$query = $this->_em->createNativeQuery($sql, $rsm)
    ->setParameter(1, $options['languageId']);
$result = $query->getArrayResult();

The only part I'm having trouble with is how to make distance a part of $rsm. I tried this, but it didn't work:

$rsm->addFieldResult('psn', 'distance', 'distance');

Instead, I get the following exception message:

Unknown column type "" requested. Any Doctrine type that you use has to be registered with \Doctrine\DBAL\Types\Type::addType(). You can get a list of all the known types with \Doctrine\DBAL\Types\Type::getTypeMap(). If this error occurs during database introspection then you might have forgot to register all database types for a Doctrine Type. Use AbstractPlatform#registerDoctrineTypeMapping() or have your custom types implement Type#getMappedDatabaseTypes(). If the type name is empty you might have a problem with the cache or forgot some mapping information.

How can I get distance to show up in my results?

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