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This is my nested_form:

 54   <div>
 55     <h2> Address </h2>
 56     <%= f.fields_for :address do |address_form| %>
 57       <%= address_form.text_field :country %>
 58     <% end %>
 59   </div>
 61   <div>
 62     <h2> Participants </h2>
 63     <%= f.fields_for :participants do |participant_form| %>
 64       <%= participant_form.text_field :name %>
 65       <%= participant_form.link_to_remove "Remove this participant" %>
 66     <% end %>
 67     <p><%= f.link_to_add "Add a participant", :participants %></p>
 68   </div>

Now when I visit my model/new page it does not render any fields for address or participants.

This is my model:

  1 class CompetitionEntry < ActiveRecord::Base
  2   has_many :participants
  3   has_one :address
  4   has_many :music_programs
  6   accepts_nested_attributes_for :address
  8   accepts_nested_attributes_for :participants, :music_programs,
  9     :allow_destroy => true,
 10     :reject_if     => :all_blank
 11 end

This is my controller:

 16   def new
 17     @competition_entry =
 18   end

Why is it happening ? did I miss something?

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Could it be that it tries to render existing participants which, in a new record, there are none? – lime Aug 21 '13 at 16:34
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Well, you have to use the build method to instantiate blank nested objects, so the view could render something.

def new
  @competition_entry =

You can even use a loop to create more than one associated object. Like 3.times {}.

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undefined method `addresses' – Test Test Aug 21 '13 at 21:28
It is a has_one, so i believe it is just address. – MurifoX Aug 21 '13 at 21:33

If its has_one relationship then the proper way to create is not

it is

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Into your CompetitionController use the builder like here:

def new
    @competition_entry =

Also, builder could doesn't know about attributes you want to transfer from the nested form into controller.

Put this into your controller.

def competition_entry_params

    params.require(:competition_entry).permit(<<competition_entry_attributes>>, address_attributes: [:country], participants_attributes: [:name], music_programs_attributes: [:something, :something_else])


And then use this into actions create and/or update

@competition_entry =

Hope this will help.

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