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So I am working on a batch file that simulates the Alphabet game. (Where one player has to name an object from a group that starts with a, then b, and so on)

unfortunatly, to make it challenging, the player must only be given a short time period with which to answer.

I would simply use choice alone, but the answer must be user specific since there are a large list of possible correct answers.

Sofar I have attempted to trick the player by using a choice with the first choice being the first letter (ex. a for the first round) running on the assumption that the player would enter that letter first. I then run this on a for loop from 1-10, and make the default option the index so-that when it returns the default, the screen will count the seconds. Finally i have two logic statements, one seeing if the error level returns 1 (the player typed the letter) or not, and the second seeing if the index is at 9, in which case it goes to the endgame section.

Unfortunately, the if command that tests the errorlevel returns true for both errorlevel 1 and errorlevel 2, without any user input. Doesnt respond to user input, and the if command testing for the index never returns true even when the index reaches nine.

here is my code:

setlocal enableDelayedExpansion

set x=h


echo enter word:


for /l %%i in (1,1,9) do choice /c %x%%%i /n /t 1 /d %%i & if errorlevel 1 goto timeout & if %%i EQU 9 goto timeout

set /p r=your answer:

echo %r%



echo you have timed out


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