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I'm trying to override lithium\data\source\Http::read() by following Creating Data Sources. This is a result of my problem in How do I submit POST for cURL in Lithium.

I now have something like this:


namespace li3_tr42Auth\extensions\adapter\data\source\http;

class TR42 extends \lithium\data\source\Http {

    protected $_classes = [
        // unlike in the "Creating Data Sources" doc, I had to add the 'schema' key
        // or I get an error when 'Libraries' tries to instantiate it.
        'schema'  => 'lithium\data\DocumentSchema',
        'service' => 'lithium\net\http\Service',
        'entity'  => 'lithium\data\entity\Document',
        'set'     => 'lithium\data\collection\DocumentSet'

    public function read($query, array $options = []) {
        $params = $query->export($this, ['keys' => ['source', 'conditions']]);
        $source = Inflector::camelize($params['source']);
        $model = Libraries::locate('models', $source);
        $decoded = $this->decode($response);
        /** at this point, $decoded contains an associative array like:
         * Array(
         *     [id] => 42,
         *     [name] => Housni,
         *     [status] => 1,
         *     [country] => Colombo, Sri Lanka
         * )
        return $model::create($decoded, ['exists' => true]);

If I don't use item(), any finder will return the array as it is. If I do use item(), I only get the first value of the array which would be 42, in this case.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?

UPDATE It turns out that only a find('first') causes the above problem. Using find('all') returns an object, as expected. Not quite sure how to fix this.

UPDATE #2 I updated the read() code above with the new return code. If I display the results before returning from read(), I see a a proper Document object. It looks like something is happening in the find() method. Btw, I'm not running any filters for the model. Any idea how I can debug this?

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item() doesn't exist anymore.
You just have to replace this line by YourModel::create($decoded, ['exists' => true]);

Pls open an issue in the manual repo to update this part of the docs ;-)

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That's definitely a lot cleaner. I didn't realize the exclusion of item() because I forgot to pull from my lithium submodule :/ However, the problem still exists. I still get the first value of an array when I use find('first') (instead of getting the first array itself and find('all') works fine. I'll go ahead and make that ticket in a bit :) – Housni Aug 21 '13 at 22:38
I updated my code so that $_classes['schema'] contains lithium\data\DocumentSchema instead of lithium\data\Schema. – Housni Aug 21 '13 at 22:51
Should be Ok by now ;-) – Mehdi Lahmam B. Aug 24 '13 at 6:22
The only way I could get this to work is by making $decoded an array of arrays: return $model::create([$decoded], ['exists' => true]); – Housni Aug 26 '13 at 18:36

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