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From my readings looks like Helpers are for views. The thing is that I want to pass some ugly hard coded JSON back to my view from the controller until my REST service gets ready. So I can just hard code it in the controller of course but was wondering if there is a cleaner way of not polluting the controller with that hard coded stuff and somehow writing it in a helper and calling that helper method in the controller instead.

So what do you suggest for that?

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If it's data, you can create a dummy model for it instead:

# app/models/ugly_fugly.rb
class UglyFugly
  def self.fetch
    { foo: 'bar' }

  # or if you want it as a string, you could do:
  { foo: 'bar' }.to_json

Then grab it in your controller:

def index
  @uglies = UglyFugly.fetch

And the best part is that this is easy to refactor, easy to hack together quickly, and still actually adheres to Rails-flavored MVC.

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You can create your helper method in a new file and then just include this in your controller like so:


module YourHelper
  def json_code


class YouController < ApplicationController
  include YourHelper
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And then your controller does the job of your model: retrieving data. –  coreyward Aug 21 '13 at 18:05
Yes true, coming from a dummy model indeed makes sense. –  dodgerogers747 Aug 21 '13 at 18:14
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