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Concerning HTML5 cache manifest: I am utilizing the HTML5 cache manifest in a SPA web project. When testing the SPA I run through the following cycle using Google Chrome:

  1. Navigate to the SPA.
  2. Watch as Chrome downloads my cache items successfully
  3. View chrome://appcache-internals just to make sure all is well
  4. Stop my local web server
  5. Close Chrome
  6. Open Chrome
  7. View chrome://appcache-internals just to make sure all is well (again)
  8. Navigate to the SPA.
  9. The SPA is rendered but the following message is written to the console: “Application Cache Obsolete event”
  10. View chrome://appcache-internals . ** THE APP CACHE IS GONE

I understand that this is happening because “The manifest was found to have become a 404 or 410 page, so the application cache is being deleted.

Question: What do I need to do in order to preserve cache on the client until the server is back up (or online) again?

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