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i'm using Caman JS to manipulate an image in my edit view for the model Item.

$('#vintage').click(function() {
  Caman("#preview_image", function () {
    this.render(function () {

Caman JS provides me with an option to get the base64 value of the Canvas object

var dataURL = this.toBase64();

However i'm now kind of stuck what to do with this information. Ideally i'd like to overwrite the original image upon submitting my rails form.

Any suggestions would be great.

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Ok, I found A solution. Here it is...

create a hidden field with the base64 data as the value

<input id="base64" type="hidden" value="" name="base64"/>
var dataURL = this.toBase64();

I then processed this in my controller.

unless params[:base64].empty?
  data =  params[:base64]
  image_data = Base64.decode64(data['data:image/png;base64,'.length .. -1])"#{Rails.root}/public#{@item.image.url.to_s}", 'wb') do |f|
    f.write image_data
  // Carierwave method to regenerate thumbnails

Might help someone, I'm still definitely open to suggestions for better or more efficient ways to do this.

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