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I have a graph generated in R in gexf format. I want to visualize it using the graph streaming API of Gephi. The API works based on a series of updateGraph events of add node, add edge, etc., that should be submitted to its master server (see here). Is there any way to translate a gexf (or a similar graph) object into such a series of events in R?

I am looking for an R function that receives a graph in gexf format and generates its equivalent event sequences.

For example, consider a simple graph of three nodes (A, B, C) and two edges (A-B, A-C). The R gexf object can be generated using these lines:

nodes <- data.frame(id=1:3, label=c("A", "B", "C"), stringsAsFactors=F)
edges <- data.frame(source=c(1,1), target=c(2,3))
mygraph <- write.gexf(nodes= nodes, edges= edges)

And, it looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<gexf ...>
  <meta lastmodifieddate="2013-08-23">
  <graph mode="static">
      <node id="1" label="A"/>
      <node id="2" label="B"/>
      <node id="3" label="C"/>
      <edge id="0" source="1" target="2" weight="1.0"/>
      <edge id="1" source="1" target="3" weight="1.0"/>

On the other hand, the required event sequence looks like this (in JSON format):

"{\"an\":{\"A\":{\"label\":\"Streaming Node A\"}}}"
"{\"an\":{\"B\":{\"label\":\"Streaming Node B\"}}}"
"{\"an\":{\"C\":{\"label\":\"Streaming Node C\"}}}"


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