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I am creating a HTML5 app using the Intel XDK and I want to change the splash screen from the default Project Development. How do I do this?

If this is not possible then how do I remove the splash screen?

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  • When you ready to build your app. Make change splash screen in Build=>Assets Tabs

See picture below:

  • To remove splash screen, just comment out the line:

    var onDeviceReady=function(){
    //hide splash screen
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when you are building the app for ios/android..., you can select splash screen and icons for your app, upload there and build.

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Provided link is broken. Or at least it doesn't lead to any page with information specific to splash screen. – yurin Aug 19 at 8:46

Add a splashscreen to your app by creating a div in the afui div and setting the id to "splashscreen". When af.ui.launch is called, it will remove the splashscreen from the DOM.

<div id="afui">
    <div id="splashscreen" class='ui-loader'>
        <img src="kitchensink/images/splash.png">
        <span class='ui-icon ui-icon-loading spin'></span><h1 >Starting app</h1>

**Remember, this will only be visible until $.ui.launch finishes, so to it display longer disable auto launch by setting $.ui.autoLaunch to false and triggering the launch later using $.ui.launch().


Hope this help ;)

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