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I have a script that can lookup and output or write my current release # to a text file. Now the only problem is how do I get this version number into a PHING property.

Right now my PHING target builds build.zip and built.tar, I would like it to build build-1.0.0.zip or whatever the version script decides the current version is. How can I do this? Will I have to create my own "task"?

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You might need to create your own task for this. The task may look something like...

require_once "phing/Task.php";

class VersionNumberTask extends Task
    private $versionprop;

    public function setVersionProp($versionprop)
        $this->versionprop = $versionprop;

    public function init()

    public function main()
        // read the version text file in to a variable
        $version = file_get_contents("version.txt");
        $this->project->setProperty($this->versionprop, $version);

Then you would define the task in your build xml

<taskdef classname="VersionNumberTask" name="versiontask" />

Then call the task

<target name="dist">
    <versiontask versionprop="version.number"/>

At this point, you should be able to access the version number using ${version.number} throughout your build xml.

Hope this helps!

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An alternative approach is to use the outputProperty attribute on the ExecTask to provide a property in your build file.

<target name="version">
  <exec command="cat version.txt" outputProperty="version.number" />
  <echo msg="Version: ${version.number}" />

More information

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An alternative approach that works on both Windows and Linux.

<exec executable="php" outputProperty="version.number">
    <arg value="-r" />
    <arg value="$fh=file('version.txt'); echo trim(array_pop($fh));" />
<echo msg="Current version is: ${version.number}"/>

Assumes the last line of the file is simply the version number, and if you would like to update the version number in the file. Try this.

<propertyprompt propertyName="release_version" defaultValue="${version.numver}" promptText="Enter version to be released."/>
<exec executable="php">
    <arg value="-r" />
    <arg value="$file=file_get_contents('version.txt'); $file = str_replace('${version.number}', '${release_version}', $file); file_put_contents('version.txt', $file);" />
<echo msg="Version number updated." />
<property name="version.number" value="${release_version}" override="true" />
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Copied from the CakePHP build script. – ThinkingMedia Apr 9 '12 at 19:29

Also alternative and best way (my opinion) that works on both Windows and Linux it is use native task LoadFileTask

<loadfile property="myVersion" file="version.txt" />
<echo msg="Current version is: ${myVersion}"/>

also you can use filterchain

<loadfile property="myVersion" file="version.txt">
    <filterchain><striplinebreaks /></filterchain>
<echo msg="Current version is: ${myVersion}"/>

More information

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